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Mako Exteriors roof repair and replacement services can fix your leaky roof! If you are having issues with a leaking or damaged roof, call us at 417.830.3363.


Home siding and windows are often a neglected part of your home. We make sure that our technicians are highly trained and adhere to our strict standards of excellence in siding & windows installation.

Commercial Roofing

Siding and windows are often a neglected part of your home. We make sure that our installation team is highly trained and adheres to our strict standards of excellence in siding and window installation.

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The roof repair services we offer at Mako Exteriors will leave you with peace of mind and level of satisfaction that cannot be matched. Should you feel that your roof has sustained storm damage or just tired and worn out, contact us today at 417.830.3363 to schedule an expert inspection and an in-home consultation.

Oftentimes, many of us believe that our roofs are in proper order until we experience missing shingles or interior leaks. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a faulty roof, such as hail and wind storms, ice storms, incorrect installation and normal wear and tear from aging. Many roof issues can be eliminated with minor routine maintenance performed by a professional local roofing company.

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Navigating the claims process after you’ve sustained damage to your roof can be overwhelming. It’s a process and it’s important to not misstep, as it can impact your insurance rates. MAKO Exteriors is here to help with your insurance claim from start to finish. Call us.


Check for damage as soon as possible.

If you suspect your roof or property have been damaged after a weather event, contact a reputable and licensed roofing contractor like MAKO Exteriors to schedule a professional inspection. Keep in mind that even if your roof appears intact from the outside, there could be significant internal damage that only a trained roofing specialist can identify. Some insurance policies have stipulations that detail how long you can wait after the damage has occurred to your roof and still have it covered under your insurance policy. After a severe storm and as soon as it is safe to do so, have your roof inspected by a professional.


Select and meet with your roofing contractor.

Before a claim is filed schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor. Be sure the contractor you select has proper credentials.

In some cases, you may have roof damage that is not major enough to warrant an insurance claim. In this case, your preferred roofing contractor can work with you to plan how to repair your roof. Filing unnecessary claims may cause your insurance company to raise your rates or potentially drop your policy.


File a claim.

If the contractor’s inspection of the property warrants filing a claim, do so now. When you submit your roof insurance claim an insurance adjuster will most likely be sent to inspect the damage and determine what the insurance company will pay out to repair or replace your roof. Speak with your insurance company to understand what your insurance policy covers. And don’t forget to ask your insurance agent about product discounts.


Schedule your Service.

Assuming your roof insurance claim is covered under your existing homeowner’s policy, you will be given funds to repair the damage. You can now schedule with your preferred roofing contractor to complete repairs or replace your entire roof.


Pay for your service.

Your insurance will provide payments directly to you. Oftentimes payments from your insurance company will be distributed in 2 payments. The 1st payment is called your ACV payment or Actual Cash Value. This payment represents the value of all the damaged items remaining useful life, had you not sustained a loss. The ACV payment will allow you to pay for a portion of the repairs throughout the process.

The 2nd payment is referred to as the RCV or Replacement Cost Value Benefits (Recoverable Depreciation). This payment will be distributed once proof of repairs or replacement can be provided to the insurance company. This payment represents the balance of funds that the insurance owes on the claim based off of your policy coverage and or limits.


We understand the unique complexities of a commercial roofing job, from meeting code to exceeding expectations. Our experienced, tenured sales team will guide you through a professional process from material selection to a beautiful, high-performing finish.

Mako Exteriors should be your first choice for commercial roof repair services, roof replacement, and new roof construction. We provide professional services to commercial and industrial customers. Give our Office a call at 417.830.3363 for a free quote on you roofing project.

We offer a wide variety of commercial roofing systems to fit your needs. With over 25 years experience, we are well versed on building quality commercial roofing systems that are designed to withstand weather in the Ozarks.

We are commercial roofing experts and our installers have the experience and training to take care of all your roofing needs. Contact us today to get more information about commercial roofing and to receive a free roofing quote for your next roof installation, repair, or replacement.

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Is your home in need of a facelift? Are you tired of breaking out the ladder and paint brushes? Are your windows lacking the performance and beauty that your home deserves?
If so, then give MAKO Exteriors a call today at 417.830.3363 for a no obligation in home consultation!

Mako Exteriors has researched the best in siding and windows for our area and developed a relationship with industry leading manufactures such as Alside Building Products, LP SmartSide and ProVia Windows & Doors.

It is our mission and passion to provide our community with custom project design, superior products, expert installation and a lifetime warranty, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you are in the best of hands when you are dealing with MAKO Exteriors.

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