stay informed roof repair scams

Homeowners can sometimes fall prey to roofing scams. Knowing how to avoid roofing companies that are not legit is, therefore, essential for the longevity of your house or commercial building, and for helping you keep your peace of mind.  Read below to find out how to find legitimate Branson roof repair companies:

Non-legit companies usually look for specific customers. For instance, they prefer areas with a higher percent of senior citizens. There are also some other indicators which can show that a roofing company may not be legit, and here are a few examples:

  1. They usually go to follow harsh weather events, in search for damaged roofs. Unfortunately, these so-called “storm chasers” most often do a poor job, causing many future problems for your roofing system.
  2. When you find a roofing company which offers a blatantly low starting bid, this should also raise your concern about their being legitimate or not. Also, beware of contractors who increase the prices for materials in the middle of the roofing project.
  3. You should be careful about roofers who only claim there are damages to your roof, when there actually is none.
  4. There can be another fraudulent scam that some roofers may attempt, like creating two invoices- a lower one for the homeowner, and higher one for the insurance company.
  5. Another commonly used trick is to use poor materials for repairs.
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