Preventive Maintenance Roofing Summer Damage Needs Attention

Missouri is a place where summer temperatures and the remnants of tropical cyclones can easily cause damage if your roof isn’t prepared for all the stressors that could affect it. Whether you own a sturdy concrete roof or a less resilient asphalt or wooden roof, keeping up with the Springifield MO roofing upgrades and maintenance checks can be very important in this area, especially during and after  the months of July and August.


When you live in Missouri, the summer temperatures can seem extremely strong and difficult to bear. With a mean temperature of just under 80 degrees, you’re in for extreme highs and lows that can have a strong impact on your roof. Metal roofs are especially susceptible to damage because of this fact, since metal expands and contracts the most as a result of quickly changing temperatures.


The storms in the area can also be quite extreme. Missouri is situated close to the heart of tornado country, so as a result it’s not uncommon for tornadoes and strong winds to cause significant damage. Even if your home is in an area that’s not likely to be hit by a tornado, you still need to take extra precautions against wind and storm damage especially between the months of July and October, as this is when storms tend to hit the state the most.

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