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You certainly can put a new roof on top of your old roof. But before engaging in this kind of project, you need to put in balance the reasons why you should or should not use this procedure for your roofing system by talking with the professionals with Mako Exteriors of Missouri.

First of all, re-roofing can only be done in the case of asphalt shingles. Thus, you cannot do this in case you have a slate or wood roof. At the same time, mixing materials may not be a good idea.

Re-roofing certainly is less expensive and it requires less effort. For one thing, there is no fee for dumping your older roof. Another reason why people prefer this solution is the fact that it can make a roof look as good as new. Moreover, the warranty can be still valid, but the work must necessarily be done by a professional roofing team.

Nevertheless, there can be situations in which it is much better to remove the old roof, especially in case there are any leaks in it. Also, the weight may be too much for your roof to handle. In case that, while walking on your roof, you notice that it is soft and sponge-like, this may indicate that you need to remove the older layer before installing a new roof.


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