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As the spring arrives, one of the most important maintenance tasks has to do with cleaning the roof and removing any unwanted debris. This action is very important as the warmth of spring often brings with it more rain and the potential for water damage or pooling.


The first thing to do is to have Mako Exteriors inspect your roof and remove any larger pieces of debris. If you have trees around your home, chances are you could find broken branches on your roof and dead leaves clogging your gutters. The gutter system is actually one of the first elements to check, since it is essential to keeping rainwater flowing, and it also makes your job easier when you’re using a hose to clean your roof.


Next, inspect the roof for signs of debris from broken shingles and the presence of mold. The proper removal of mold is more difficult, since it requires special cleaning practices and a more thorough investigation to make sure the mold doesn’t affect the interior structure of the roof as well.


Finally, you can use a long handle cleaning brush or a special scraper to remove lingering debris that is more difficult to get rid of. Just make sure you check carefully for any roofing damage that is more difficult to spot. It’s good practice to call your local roofer for a more thorough roof inspection once you’re done clearing all the debris.

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