Ask The Right Questions Mako Exteriors Siding Roofing

Once a storm has passed, it’s important to consider a roof inspection to check for damage and make sure you can address any existing damage as soon as possible. For that purpose, consider these tips on what to ask your roofer about, once they inspect your roof after a storm:


  1. Don’t just stick to asking about how much it’ll cost to fix your roof. Try to go into more details and inquire about various options for tackling the damage – such as, for example, a cheaper, more straightforward fix for your damaged underlayment and flashing.
  2. Ask about life expectancy. If there was a storm and your roof has suffered heavy damage, then it’s natural that you’d think about having to replace the entire roof, especially if it’s somewhat older. So, consider asking your roofer if that should be an option that you could consider.
  3. Talk about insurance claims. Although most roofers will not tell you what to do from a legal perspective, they can offer relevant advice regarding what caused the damage to your roof and whether or not you can consider it for an insurance claim. Also, they can guide you on what photos and videos to take to make sure you have the right evidence for your claim.
  4. It’s a good idea to also ask about how the damage will affect your roof’s overall resilience in future years. Should you consider more frequent maintenance checks and roofing inspections from Mako Exteriors? Your roofer should be able to tell you all about this.
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