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When it comes to getting a new roof, many homeowners wonder about the possible benefits that such an installation could bring. It’s no secret that a brand new roof can help you avoid leaks and water damage, and that it might even prevent your HVAC from overworking in the winter, so you can pay less on electricity. But will it help keep your home cool in the summer?


Keeping your house cool depends on several factors:



Although the roof only counts as one of the factors, it is a very decisive one, since the hot UV rays of the sun come in contact mainly with the roof’s surface. Also, your attic insulation and AC can only do so much if the roof you have is old and there are insulation and ventilation issues that can hardly be repaired.


In most cases, a new roof will definitely keep your house cooler in the summer. It will eliminate any ventilation problems so the air circulates freely throughout the roof’s structure and the attic, and it will provide superior reflective action to prevent UV radiation from being absorbed. The result will be improved temperature condition and an AC that is no longer overworked.

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