Prepare for Winter Shell Knob Roofing Services

As winter is approaching, it’s very important to make sure your roof is prepared. Different types of roofs will require different levels of care and maintenance, and whether or not your roof is old and has suffered a lot over the past few years, will also be a very important factor to consider.


As of late fall, it’s important to clear all the debris from your roof, such as dead leaves and broken branches, and check your gutter system to make sure that it’s not clogged or damaged. This way, even if ice and snow builds up on your roof, the issue won’t be too bad, since when the water melts, it can be safely channeled away through your gutters.


Checking for weak points and impact damage is also a good idea, especially if you had some strong winds and hail storms in your area during the summer. Check for leaks around areas where the flashing is damaged or shingles are missing, and make sure that your roof doesn’t have too many loose or broken shingles. Repairing at least some of them is a good idea, and fixing or replacing your damaged flashing should be considered mandatory.


Additionally, it’s a good idea that after you check up on your roof, you also have a more detailed Shell Knob roofing inspection done by a professional roofer, who can look more closely at any damage you’ve found, to identify possible problems that could arise once the freeze sets in.

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