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Many roofer companies offer free roofing estimates in order to get jobs, and it may often be like a bidding activity for most of them. But are free roofing estimates really free? In other words, are they worth it? How can you avoid the danger of hiring the wrong company, namely the one that merely won a bid, and can offer you poor quality work and materials?

Any Springifield roofing company knows that their customers will get several estimates before deciding which company they will work with. Therefore, free estimates may be to their disadvantage, in the sense that they may waste time providing a service that will not be paid.

Free estimates do have their winning points, at least for the customers. First of all, they can help you get familiar with the company and what they can actually offer. Getting a clear idea of what needs to be done can be quite helpful also.

At the same time, a free estimate can help you compare prices and make the best decision for your budget and not only. A roofing estimate can include certain elements, such as payment terms, cost of labor and materials, cost of cleaning up and debris removal, and so on.


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