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A roofing contractor without credentials might still be able to fix your roof properly, but you can never be sure of their ability, commitment or honesty. A license is more than just a basic piece of paper, in that it tells you that the roofer you hire had to complete their education and training, and that they are continuing to undergo training and stay informed about the newest updates in the industry.


The first step to take when you hire a roofer is to do a quick background check on them. Find out what their company’s license number is by accessing the local state pages that will tell you about the licensing requirements of roofing contractors in your state and provide you with access to the state database where all licensed Shell Knob roofing companies can be found.


To find these websites simply do a quick search for the contractors licensing board website associated with your state and search for the informative section as well as for a link that says “Check a License” or “License Check.” In most cases, the latter section will provide you with a page where you can search for a specific contractor either by name or by license number. If the roofer is licensed, they have to appear there, and you’ll also be able to find some additional details about their status, when they obtained the license and what the license pertains to.

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