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When you’re living in a wet climate, roofing can be a difficult task. Even just replacing a few shingles can be a pretty huge undertaking when the weather is unstable and you don’t know when the rain will stop. As such, it goes without saying that choosing the right roofing materials might not be the easiest of tasks.


For humid climates, you’ll want to choose materials that can easily isolate your home and have a good track record against increased precipitation – including not only rain, but also hail and snow.


Slate and concrete can be a great choice in this type of situation. While metal roofs can rust if the coating is gone, and cheap asphalt shingles don’t offer the same level of resilience, slate and concrete roofs are great when it comes to fending off both rainwater and the danger of hail impact.


Terracotta roofing and green roofs are also a good idea, as long as you don’t mind having a somewhat unconventional design for your new roof. Replacing an old asphalt shingle roof with a beautiful green roof, for example, will not only make your home more natural and beautiful, but also increase curb appeal and make it more valuable due to its eco-friendly roofing design, see https://www.makoexteriors.com/springfield-mo-roofing/.

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